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Respite Care

Sometimes parents and caregivers for a child, adolescent, or adult with disabilities needs time away. Respite services can provide families with a temporary relief from the 24 hour a day job, supporting and caring for a loved one that can create continual stress and fatigue.

Taking time for running errands, relaxing, pursuing other interests, and strengthening relationships with family members and friends is essential for all parents and caregivers. Respite services can provide relief and can help all family members feel energized, including the person with a disability who spends time with trained personnel. Consider the benefits to the whole family. Respite services can truly enhance the lives of all family members.

RISE Respite Care Services can provide a safe and friendly environment for persons with a disability. Serving adolescents to adults, we can give family and caregivers peace of mind while they are away. RISE respite services can be used for a few hours a month, several hours a week, or for several days at a time.

All of our staff are trained in CPR, First Aid, Core A & B for administration of medications if needed. Consumer specific training is provided to meet the specialized needs of each person served. Staff goes through an extensive background check upon hire so you can rest assure that you will receive quality care by qualified and professional staff at RISE.

Many opportunities include:

  • Individualized community outings

  • Trusted care in your own home or in the RISE Respite Home

  • Summer camps

  • Educational experiences          

RISE Respite Home

The RISE Respite Home is located in a safe, newly developed neighborhood in Auburn, Indiana. This home has three spacious bedrooms and two full bathrooms, along with a large living room which helps to create a great space for fellowship and memories.