Improve your bottom line while enjoying a cost advantage over competitors.


RISE Industrial Services has been helping local businesses achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability since 1965. As an experienced contract manufacturer, we can help solve your manufacturing needs by giving you cost advantages over your competitors.


Dedicated, Dependable Workforce

Our clients are customer driven and take pride in achieving a 100% quality goal through our quality

assurance process. We're the right solution when faced with production scheduling problems, manpower

issues, and jobs that are not cost effective to automate.

Workforce of approx. 100 ready and able to work for you!

Below are just a few advantages of partnering with RISE, Inc.

  • The workshop supervisory staff holds over 105 combined years experience in workshop manufacturing.

  • Our clients rely on our contract work in order to receive a paycheck.    The workshop allows for persons with disabilities to earn a living that they may otherwise have not had an opportunity to do.  This in turn allows them to invest back into their community.

  • We provide a wide array of services at a low cost to our customers saving companies on employee benefits, workers compensation and unemployment taxes.

  • Work Hardening Opportunities – Have a Work Comp Employee with light duty needs? RISE can provide light duty assignments while creating a volunteer base at our organization.

  • Designed to assist persons with disabilities achieve and/or improve work skills in order to reach their vocational potential and seek community employment.  Where individuals have a chance to earn a pay check and become tax paying citizens.


Industrial Services

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