RISE Learning Center

Our Learning Center program consists of instruction in self-help and leisure activities based on the preferences and needs of the individual. Emphasis is placed on providing opportunities in the community so that skills are learned which lead to a greater independence of the person receiving services.


Classes designed to individual needs to educate and train in self-help and self-sufficiency for independence. Each consumer of RISE is instrumental in helping to design classes that fit their desires, hopes, dreams, and basic needs. Classes are provided in groups as small as one-on-one or in groups with the maximum of ten participants.


These classes cover a wide range of subjects: from math skills to emotional intelligence, from personal finance to dance. The Client Kitchen hosts cooking classes, dog treat making for local pet groomers, and the newly revamped Bistro program--  while in neighboring classes Clients have the chance to learn sign language, join Client Council, actively volunteer with Aktion Club,  learn about self-advocacy, work out in the exercise room, and practice social skills. 


The class goals are simple: How do we create meaningful days for our Clients?


In RISE's community-focused approach to education, we also have several programs that are taught outside of the facility such as ice skating at Trine University, or taking Clients to the animal shelter where they are learning to train service animals.  


Class subjects are Client-driven, and respond to needs by teams, Clients, and teachers. Weekly, a group of Consumers meet in an advocacy class and collect the opinions, wants, and needs from their peers and communicate those  items to staff. Working together, staff and clients create a medley of classes such as professionalism, appropriate work-place behaviors, acting, photography, and our most recent program success: a week long campaign about bullying awareness and prevention. 


If a Client needs more individualized attention in a specific subject, Rise also offers one-to-one classes. These classes focus on specific goals: counting change back correctly, acquiring a GED, preparing for a driver's license exam, working with peers, or developing muscle strength in a non-dominant hand. 


Teachers at RISE are Client-focused, and work closely with the rest of the RISE team to make sure Consumers are working towards, and completing, their goals. Modeling behaviors and attitudes, all RISE staff actively interacts with Clients served, and maintains an open door for feedback and suggestions. Keeping the average course length to a week means that class subjects are constantly changing and covering a wide range of professional, social, and independent living skills. 


How do we maintain the energy for these programs while also constantly challenging ourselves to "RISE to the Occasion?" 

We kept the class goals and our staff goals the exact same: 


Create meaningful days for our Clients!

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