Staff Management

Executive Director

Chris Stackhouse

“At RISE I am able to make a positive impact on my community that empowers individuals to live their best life possible. We promote an inclusive culture in Northeast Indiana that celebrates everyone’s unique abilities."

Director of Agency Operations

Heather Crum

"One of my favorite things about working at RISE and with our consumers is the smiles & laughter that come from them accomplishing tasks, obtaining a goal or conversations with their peers. It's also very rewarding to be a part of a team that is dedicated to providing a safe and productive environment where our clients can work to achieve their full potential."

Wellness Coordinator

Terah Hagaman, RN

"I work at RISE because the clients fill my heart with so much love, joy and hope.  We provide a safe environment for clients and staff to come to and be free to be themselves, no judgement allowed."

Client Services Manager

Pete Wilson

"I work at RISE because it is a lighthearted and rewarding environment where we can be creative with the supports we provide clients."

Crystal Stavitzke

Chief Program Officer

"I choose RISE because I want to serve my neighbors. RISE allows me to imagine the possibilities for our clients. RISE gives me the team to make those possibilities our clients’ realities."

Hollie Harris

Director of Quality and Compliance

"Working at RISE allows us to support people in working towards their hopes and dreams.  We get the opportunity to see people grow, and celebrate accomplishments."

Jenny Thomas

Client Services Manager

"I am thrilled to have the pleasure everyday to help consumers become the absolute best of what they can. I love that everyday is different and filled with opportunities. It is very rewarding to see the consumers smiling when they accomplish something new."

Board of Directors
  • Connie Sweeney

  • Mike Ley

  • Paul Gilbert

  • Tom Sanborn

  • Scott Lee

  • Mike Carper - President

  • Michele Molargik - Vice President

  • Jenny Sanborn - Secretary

  • Brenda Shipe

  • Todd Rumsey, MD

  • Tony Fifer

  • Dan Lepley

  • ​​Jill Nichols

  • Amy Lewis

  • Chris Heroy

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