Business Solutions

At RISE, our goal is to assist individuals with customized programs. These programs are designed to result in securing a good job for the client. We work with different agencies around the area to ensure we are putting our clients in a positive employment opportunity.





Our goal is to assist persons with disabilities and help them to achieve and/or improve work skills in order to reach their vocational potential and seek community employment. This gives our clients a chance to earn a pay check. 


Our catering program, "The Bistro," presents the opportunity for clients to receive their food handler certification. Through this program, clients are able to learn numerous skills including; kitchen inventory, kitchen safety, food preparation, and how to cook/serve food. The overall goal of this program is to give clients the opportunity to work in a facility where they independently are able to serve food to the public.  



RISE Creations is a program that allows clients to sell personal paintings, homemade soaps and candles, or freshly made dog treats. This provides a way for clients, who are not able to work in the prevocational facility, to earn money from their artistic abilities. 

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